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Mauro Corona is an Italian writer, sculptor, and mountaineer. Although raised in the Vajont Valley, he was born in Baselga di Piné on 9 August 1950, on the cart of his mother, the street vendor Lucia Filippin.

He learned the art of wood carving from his paternal grandfather, Felice Corona, from an early age, and embarked on his first climbs.

A lively and inquisitive child, he soon decided to become an artist. Following the Vajont disaster, he was sent to the Don Bosco boarding school in Pordenone, where he attended a technical school for surveyors briefly before quitting his studies.

As an adult, he fulfilled his dream by apprenticing with Master Augusto Murer in Ortisei to learn the art of sculpture. He continued to sculpt and climb, and these passions pave his way toward fame.

He became a seasoned mountaineer, thanks to his participation in numerous international expeditions, and a highly regarded sculptor with numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In 1997, he commenced his writing career with the publication of his first book, “Il volo della martora” (The Flight of the Pine Marten).

As a poet of the mountains and advocate of essential philosophy, he loves to repeat his belief that “every morning starts from what was left.”

He published more than 30 books, winning the Bancarella Prize in 2011 and being named a finalist for the Campiello Prize in 2014.


The Woodland writer

Mauro Corona is a lean and austere writer, yet simultaneously magical in the essentiality with which he narrates fairy tales alongside abrupt, basic reality. His stories possess the authority of  fairy tales, in which the marvellous asserts itself with absolute simplicity, with the clarity of the everyday. Within them lies communion with Nature, with the hidden and incessant flow of life, and an infinite, fearless solitude.
– Claudio Magris in the introduction to Mauro Corona’s book “Il volo della martora” (The Flight of the Pine Marten).

In the stories written by Mauro Corona, the harshness of life in ancient Erto collides with the beauty of untouched Nature. In his books, the reader immerses themselves in worlds populated by characters whom Mauro Corona, like a Caravaggio of literature, paints with words, in an endless kaleidoscope of adventures, conflicts, failures, triumphs, deaths, and rebirths. An oppressive restlessness seems to await at every corner, a poignant sensation against which humans never tire of fighting. This is the strength of all the books of the sculptor-writer from Erto. From his den, he realises that human beings are masters of their destiny, precisely because they can transform the world. It is up to them to choose whether to self-destruct or to ensure a better future for the generations of the years to come.

The world that emerges from his writings, full of naturalness and poetry but also marked by harshness, sacrifice, and misfortune, immediately captivates hundreds of thousands of readers. In 2003, his first book published by Mondadori Editore: “Nel legno e nella pietra” (In Wood and Stone) was released. The work maintains the same formula as its predecessors, with new and unpublished stories linked by a single narrative voice. Thus begins the collaboration with the Milanese publishing house that will release many new books by the author in the following years, ranging from essays to novels, to fairy tales for children.

The peculiarity of his books can be found in plots developed around the territories of an archaic mountain, with mystical traits, populated by characters described through direct, descriptive language, sometimes even invented and specifically personalised to make the story more suggestive and fascinating.

Mauro Corona is a loyal man, he climbs mountains in a clean style, carves wood following the grain and the moon, writes books and stories of real and therefore rare people.” – Erri De Luca.

Mauro Corona

Life Philosophy

“Living is like sculpting; one must remove to see within.” Mauro Corona is a free spirit who has breathed the air of an ancient land. The forests and valleys of his homeland, nestled among the mountains, are magical places, lost in time, which have helped him develop themes and thoughts traceable in his books, sculptures, and climbs.

“The mountain has given me what friends, women, parents have not been able to give me. I felt understood, listened to, and respected by the mountain. Even pushed sometimes, for sure, but always after being warned. Nature tells you everything, if you know how listen. The selfishness of human beings makes them incapable of rediscovering dialogue with the Earth. We forget that we are animals, passing through, we are guests of this world.”

These are thoughts of life that Mauro Corona has elaborated by taking inspiration from his own experiences and those of his land, which have led him to recount a distant world still in need of the redemption that only memory can offer, especially after the Vajont disaster in 1963.

Thus, safeguarding memory becomes a priority for him. Mauro Corona often invites everyone to write about their own world because: “One day memories will help rebuild vanished and forgotten universes. Writing is a form of survival, a struggle against oblivion. Memory must be saved in every possible way: through writing, sculpture, painting, cinema. With any means that preserves a memory.”

If writing for Mauro is a battle against time, essentiality embodies his style.

“For me, writing is photocopying a thought, a sensation, a memory using as few words as possible. I work by subtraction, not addition. It’s what happens in sculpture: to create, to shape, one must remove, not add.”

Such expression is not only confined to writing, but concerns his entire existence. Being natural, listening to one’s needs, and shaking off conformities imposed by what Mauro calls “techniques of appearance” are a logical consequence.

“Life smoothes you, rounds you, and leads you to be essential. What matters in life is the essential.”


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